Fuel (1hr)

Fuel is our featured lifting class.  You will lift weights, throw medicine balls, swing kettlebells, run sprints, push sleds, and jump on boxes to achieve your fitness goals. 

Fuel 89 (30 min)

Fuel 89 is a condensed Fuel class.  This 30 minute circuit class is challenging and will prepare you for our Fuel classes.

Fumes (30 min)

Fumes is a thrilling 30 minute and extremely challenging cardio class.  You must be prepared to use your body in ways that you never imagined.  You will run, swing kettlebells, jump rope, slam medicine balls, jump on and off boxes, and attack your core.  We perform basic lifting exercises in this class.


YOUR Private Training sessions will be programmed to fit your specific needs.  All sessions are 30 minutes of nonstop physical activity.  Be prepared to transform your body!