Purchase Policy

Memberships auto-bill on a monthly basis at the original rate you paid. Your rate is guaranteed for life as long as you do not cancel and as long as you pay on time. 

Orange Membership holders may attend any Fuel and Burning on Fumes classes as long as enrollment is not at capacity.  Open Gym is also included in the Orange Membership. Fuel House reserves the right to revoke your membership or deny service at any time.

Black Membership holders may attend any Fuel class but may not attend Burning on Fumes classes.  Open gym is not available to Black Membership holders.  Fuel House reserves the right to revoke your membership or deny service at any time.

1.  Private and semi private- single training sessions will expire 14 days after the original purchase.  Private and Semi Private (5 Pack) training sessions will expire 1 month after the original purchase.  Clients are required to cancel 24 hours before the scheduled session.  For training packs, you will lose (1) training session if cancel after 24 hours.  For Private Sessions (1hr), you will be charged the full amount of the session if you cancel after 24 hours.  Cancellations must occur within your account, by email, or over the phone with your designated trainer.  Text message cancellations will not be honored.  Clients are required to be on time and in proper workout attire.  Workout attire includes but is not limited to shorts, athletic shirt, tights, tennis shoes, etc.   Fuel House, reserves the right to deny service due to a lack of proper attire.

2.  Booking classes-  You may book classes within the available scheduled dates.

3.  Booking private or semi private training- Fuel House will post available training times on our monthly training schedule. Times are available on a first come first serve basis. We do not remove scheduled appointments to accommodate other clients.

4.  Late cancelations, early cancellations and waitlist features- The Fuel House scheduling system allows you to late cancel (less than 24 hours notice) single class and private training purchases without reimbursement.  Early cancellations (more than 24 hours) of individual class and private training purchases will be reimbursed in full (applies to single purchases only).  If you add yourself to the wait list, you will be added into the class in the order in which you fall on the waiting list.  If Fuel House temporarily increases a class size you will be added into the class in the order in which you fall on the waiting list.  Fuel House, charges a $5.00 fee for all Orange and Black Membership holders for each no-show to a class that they enrolled.  A no show means you did not cancel through the system (early or late) and/or you did not call in or e-mail your instructor prior to the start of class to cancel your visit.  Private and Semi Private training appointments must be cancelled and/or rescheduled 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment by e-mailing brandon@fuelhouse.fitness or you will be charged for the visit. 

4. Private and Semi Private Training Packs expiration dates can be extended for a fee of $15.00 per 7-day extension.  

5.  Any class titled "Free"  is without charge for all Fuel House client account holders. If you do not have a Fuel House account you are permitted to walk-in and create a client acccount. We reserve the right to add/delete "Free" class times based on usage.

6.  You must register for Fuel classes online AND sign in that you have attended.  This helps us keep track of no-shows and actual class attendance.  You are not permitted to participate in any Fuel House class, private and semi private training sessions, or open gym if you have not created a valid client account and signed a waiver release form. 

7.  If you need to cancel a membership, we require 30 days notice by e-mailing brandon@fuelhouse.fitness. We will not accommodate mid cycle cancellations.  Please note: you cannot terminate/cancel a membership mid cycle.  The remainder of the billing cycle will continued to be billed and you will have continued access to the gym until the billing cycle is complete.

8.  Fuel class packs may be added to by purchasing additional classes passes. 

9.  Failed autopays:  If your autopay does not process, you will have 24 hours from the point of contact to correct your billing information and resubmit payment.  If your auto pay continues to fail, Fuel House reserves the right to void your purchase(s) and deny you access access to the gym until the issue is resolved.  If there has been a previous issue with your account, such as incorrect billing information provided, and you were notified prior to the failure, but failed to correct the issue, your account will be terminated upon the failed autopay.  Autopays that fail due to incomplete or inaccurate billing info will also be terminated immediately.

10.  There are no refunds for any Private and Semi Private Training Pack(s), Diesel and FAST programs, and our Tough Glove Pack(s) Purchases.  You are receiving pre-paid discount for purchasing in bulk.  Please refrain from purchasing these packages if you are not sure that you can commit to the length of your purchase.  All sales sales are final.  Refunds will be given at Fuel House's discretion.  

11. All members under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by their Parent/Guardian.  A parent or Guardian must give PARENTAL AUTHORIZATION by completing an Assumption of Risk Form.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time


Effective Date: August 20, 2015