Fuel House is more than a gym; it’s an experience.  We focus on helping people become balanced individuals by targeting different muscle groups each day. At Fuel House we run, jump, pull, push, throw and LIFT.  Our workouts are artfully crafted; combining cardio, plyometrics and olympic lifts into both 30 and 60 minute classes.  Fuel House prides itself on fostering an uplifting and encouraging environment by keeping our class sizes small (2-15 people per class) and lively. 



This is not your typical workout class.  Our small group classes are first come first serve. We offer three very different training classes that focus on interpersonal interactions in small group atmospheres (no more than 15 people). Simply put, we encourage our class participants to work together and compete to achieve their fitness goals.  We understand that everybody is unique and that we all have different training goals and life schedules. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with fuel (energy) for your day.  You can improve your strength, endurance, and mobility in as little as 30min per session.  Invigorate your day by participating in our Fumes, FUEL 89 and our featured Fuel classes.


FAST (Functional Athletic Skills Training) is designed for athletes (13+).  FAST is guided by Fuel House founder and NFL veteran Brandon Hughes. Brandon provides expert coaching in technique, conditioning, flexibility, and strength training.  Our goal is to systematically attack an athlete's core while improving their ability to stabilize, change direction, accelerate, and explode while running. Athletes want to make a roster, gain more attention from coaches, play faster, and be more efficient for longer periods of time... The FAST program will take your performance to the next level.