Training With A Purpose

Fuel House is more than a gym; it’s an experience. We focus on helping people become balanced individuals. Our workouts are artfully crafted; combining cardio, plyometrics and olympic lifts into a 60 minute class. Fuel House prides itself on fostering an uplifting and encouraging environment.


Fuel House has literally changed my life! I never knew going to the gym would impact me and my confidence as much as it has. But that's the thing about Fuel House. It isn't just a gym. It's a community, a support group and a comedy show all in one.
Fuel House is the only program where I have seen steady and sustained success. Brandon is the drill sergeant in Forrest Gump and he enforces the integrity of the workouts with a one of a kind style of motivation. Since starting at Fuel House, I have seen improvements not only in the mirror but on the Spartan Race courses as well.
The energy at Fuel House is contagious (even at 5:25am). Every class will challenge you physically and mentally. The group aspect of Fuel House is awesome because the camaraderie helps you to continue pushing yourself till the very end!
I never thought I'd get up and go to a gym at 5:25am, but here I am for almost a year now! Why? How? Because it's the Fuel House, because of coach Hughes, because everyone pushes and encourages each other! It has become an addiction, I hate to miss a day!


*Unlimited Classes For $115 Per Month*



Strength training class that is designed to improve your strength, endurance, and mobility. Be prepared to squat, press, pull, clean, snatch, and sled run weights as you shred fat and build muscle.


Fast paced cardio class that is designed to blast fat and improve athleticism. Be prepared to swing kettlebells, slam medicine balls, row, air bike, run, jump, and use conditioning ropes as you shred fat and build muscle.




FAST (Functional Athletic Skills Training) is designed for athletes (13+).  FAST is guided by Fuel House founder and NFL veteran Brandon Hughes. Our instructors provides coaching in technique, conditioning, flexibility, and strength training.  Our goal is to systematically build an athlete's core while improving their ability to stabilize, change direction, accelerate, and explode while running.