Dietitian For BH Athletic Training 

Cassandra Golden MS,RD 

Cassandra Golden is a Registered Dietitian with a graduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, and an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science.  In addition to your strength training and exercise routine with BH Athletic Training, Cassandra can help you meet your goals through personalized meal plans and healthy eating strategies. Click the "Let's Eat" button for more information! Appointments can be made to meet "virtually" or in-person at her Cherry Hill office.


Nutrition Focus with Stripp'd Cold Pressed Juice

Nutrition is half the battle. BH Athletic Training and Stripp'd Cold Pressed Juice have partnered to ensure that your body is kept properly fueled. We want to ensure that you're receiving essential pre and post workout nutrition. This is key to longevity and vitality. Click the "Stripp'd" button for a glimpse of the Stripp'd culture. You may also click the "Pressed" button to view the menu.