Gym Membership Agreement


Fuel Blueprint (assessment)

At Fuel House, we do not require you to participate in our Fuel Blueprint (assessment) unless you are participating Private and Semi private sessions or Diesel and Glamour programs. We highly encourage you to receive an assessment before you participate in a Fuel House class. 

 **Assessments are easy to schedule and gives us a chance to determine which level of class will work best for your current skill**

Registration and Waivers

All members and guest are required to signup for a client account and to sign Assumption of risk waiver.  You are not permitted to utilize any area, equipment, or trainer at Fuel House unless you have registered and signed a waiver. 

Reporting Incidents and Injury

You are required to complete an Incident/Injury report before you vacate the premises.  Incidents will be provide to for you upon request. 

Open Gym

Orange and Open Gym Membership members may participate in open gym.  You may utilize the gym during normal business hours with either membership.  We STRONGLY encourage you to avoid visiting the gym during class hours due to the fact that classes participants will have first priority for equipment usage.  Fuel House reserves the right to block off open gym times and without notice.  We do not sell one day or individual visit passes.

Promotions and Discounts

We will run various promotions and discounts.  Promotions and discounts will be added to your client account with guidelines and stipulations.  These guidelines and stipulations are non-negotiable and subject to change at any time. 


We provide complimentary towel service for use during your workout.  Towels are required to be used as a barrier between your body and any bench when performing bench press movements.  Please deposit all dirty towels in the dirty towel bins at the end of your workout.

Misuse of Equipment

If you break a piece of equipment, mirror, or window due to misuse your account will be charged the replacement value of the equipment or item.  Examples of misuse of equipment that can lead to damage includes but are not limited to:

·      throwing or dropping a kettlebell

·      dropping an unloaded bar or a bar (above waist) that is loaded with metal plates

·      dropping a bar on a piece of equipment such as a rower or plyo box.

Ejection from Facility

 We reserve the right to ask you to vacate the premises at any time. 


Please refrain from using profanity.  We reserve the right to ask you to monitor your language or to vacate the premises.

Rack Your Weights

All equipment must be put back in its original location.  You are required to rack each used piece of equipment after every completed set.

Front Desk

The Front desk is for Fuel House employees only. 


Effective Date: August 20, 2015