The FAST Program (College Prep)

The FAST Program will reduce the physical and mental gap between incoming freshmen football players and the returning players with prior college-level experience.  BH Athletic Training doesn't believe that your contribution as a backup or starter should be delayed or subpar due to a lack of preparation for the significant change in skill level.  The FAST Program (College Prep) is a two week service for walk-ons and scholarship football athletes who want the opportunity to excel from their first day of training camp to their last collegiate game.  BH Athletic Training offers the added advantage of professional and expertise coaching in technique, conditioning, flexibility, strength and nutrition.  Rapid progress is paramount.  


  • BH Athletic Training will travel the country to prepare you (Outside of Bucks County PA)
  • Provide two weeks of personalized strength and conditioning preparation
  • Provide a custom training program that extends directly into your first collegiate training cam
  • Provide a specialized nutrition program from our expert dietitian Cassandra Golden MS, RD
  • Provide pre and post workout nutrition with Stripp'd Cold Pressed Juice (optional)

4 year starter and 2-Time All Pac 10 player at Oregon State University

Holistic Coaching 

I've enjoyed success in my athletic career.  I played in the Illinois State Championship Football game twice, placed 4th in the 400 meter dash at the Illinois State High School Track & Field meet , and received my degree on an athletic scholarship while starting 4 years for the Oregon State Beavers.  I was a 2-time all pac 10 player, preseason Jim Thorpe watch list candidate, invited to the East West Shrine game, invited to the 2009 NFL combine, and selected in the 2009 NFL Draft.  I know it sounds as if I'm boasting and that isn't my intent.  I would have never received these accolades if it wasn't for the help that was afforded to me along the way.  Over the years I have received great coaching in the film room, on the field, nutritionally, and on the weight room.  My accomplishments are the product of great coaching, work ethic, and a willingness to accept coaching.  BH Athletic Training exposes High School football athletes to this holistic form of coaching and guarantees a successful transition to football at the collegiate level.

San Diego Chargers 149th selection (2009 Draft)

Body Prep

The transition from high school to college football is often challenging due to physical limitations. There are some players who are more athletically gifted than others but most of the physical limitations are the product of never having been submerged into a college strength and conditioning program. Training regimens become more rigorous and advanced as you progress in competition level. Many freshman are lost in the competition shuffle of their first college training camp because of a lack of physical preparation.  It is cliche but the athletes that they compete against are bigger, stronger, and better conditioned.  BH Athletic Training prepares incoming freshman for the physical task of earning a major role or starting position in their first season.  Our strength and conditioning programs are professionally designed and professionally coached to you by Brandon Hughes.  Coach Hughes will prepare you for the task of earning a significant role by dramatically improving your strength, explosiveness, coordination, balance, and flexibility. 

       2009 NFL Combine

Technique Prep

Technique will always be the greatest equalizer of talent on the football field.  Bad technique will make a superior athlete appear to be "just another guy" while good technique will elevate "just another guy" to elite athlete status. Detailed fundamentals and technique are the by-product of meticulous coaching. Coach Hughes will coach and detail the nuances of various technique and fundamentals that place you in the best position to consistently make routine and spectacular plays on football field.  BH Athletic Training will incorporate professional technique and fundamental drills into your customized program and we know this will provide you with the edge to standout, significantly contribute, or start in your first season. 

Nutrition Prep

A proper diet will supply you with the fuel to sustain power, explosiveness, coordination, balance, and technique for longer periods. The on-field production of far too many athletes goes on the decline as the season progresses due to poor nutritional habits. The importance of eating healthy is vital to an athletes success.  Think of nutrition as the glue that interlock your physical attributes and technique by keeping them consistent.  The lock weakens as your diet regresses which leads to inconsistencies in your physical attributes and techniques. Be certain that Coach Hughes will coach you to be consistent in every aspect of the game and with the help of our dietitian Cassandra Golden MS,RD we will provide you with a nutritional program that will sustain your game on as your workouts and season progress.