My daughter who is a young athlete did the FAST training program with Brandon and loved it! She will continue to go to Fuel House to strength train weekly. Thanks Brandon! - Mary Barsky

Worked out with Brandon and got my butt kicked, but in a good way. I can't wait to go back and see my results over the next couple weeks! - Rachel Brown

My children 15 and 13, visit Brandon weekly for a private session. Through his personal training he has brought them to a place of confidence with the Foundation and Focus of his teachings. They have fun but they are working the entire 60 minutes. He just has a get down and let loose personality that keeps them coming back. Get it done. Let's go is his motto. - Kimberly Robinson

I have been training at Fuel House for 3 months and I LOVE IT! I'm completely obsessed, it is like one big family where everyone pushes and motivates each other. Brandon is great, he keeps things new and exciting and you never know what kind of things you're going to walk into. One day a deck of cards controlled our entire workout! Brandon is a great motivator and even better coach. I promise you will get results if you dedicate yourself and trust the process.- Steve Kay

I've been to a couple gyms in the area, and in my option this is my favorite. brandon is a great guy, and he knows what he is talking about. he was a pro athlete, so he incorporates some of the movements he used in the NFL. I'm a big fan of the NFL style cardio drills we do, and he changes things up daily so we rarely do the same things twice. I highly recommend you come in and get your FUEL on!! - Jose Rivera

Brandon is such an awesome motivator/trainer. Always pushing you to do better, while teaching proper technique. If you're ready to meet your fitness goals, this is the gym for you. - Phyllis LoDuca

Come check out this gym, it is an amazing place ! Brandon Hughes is an exceptional coach. Every single time that I come, I am challenged with a great workout and I leave feeling great! Thank you Fuel House!!! - Jennifer Blake

I'm not a fan of most gyms and this one really caught my eye. Brandon is awesome!! All of the workouts are different and keep your muscles guessing. Definitely check it out! - Alyse Hrynkiw

I have tried numerous gyms, but when I found out about fuel house and after meeting Brandon I was sold this was the place for me!!! I had 2 workouts so far and I am very impressed with his program!! I recommend this to anyone!! - Mike Mancini